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Financial Underdogs

Oct 15, 2021

Bitcoin is hitting it's all time high and will go higher. Will it go up 10 or 20% no. It will go up 10-20X because it's an exponential technology and based on a network that becomes exponentially more valuable as it grows. Doubling the network of users will make Bitcoin 10X more valuable.
This applies in our lives too,...

Oct 6, 2021

It's official, Fed Chair Jerome Powell and SEC Chair Gensler has blessed Americans by deciding not to regulate Bitcoin like China. Wow, thanks guys, you do know it's decentralized right?
Love the arrogance of these overlords.
Another Overlord, Senator Manchin will Only allow $1.5Trillion for the recon bill in Congress,...

Sep 22, 2021

Congress is about to blow up Self Directed IRAs with the reconciliation bill. This ONLY impacts IRAs (both traditional and ROTH). 

Two main things:

Checkbook control SDIRA's that own an LLC will be banned.

Self Directed IRA's will be prohibited from investing in private placement syndications. No more apartments...

Sep 15, 2021

They (Democratic Congress) want to kill the ROTH, disqualify IRA's from investing in apartments, raise everyones income taxes, keep people poor, grow the government and keep you trapped and addicted to the politicians, while they go to $30,000 Gala's a the Met - yes AOC!

Crazy but true and all will happen in the next 2...

Sep 12, 2021

The last 20 years changed everything.

A divided nation, between Makers and entitled Takers.

The volume of Takers is exploding, taking $ from the federal government and the nation is addicted, forced out of survival to do whatever Uncle Joe demands, commands OR ELSE die.

Since 9/11, we've allowed the degradation of...