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Financial Underdogs

Jun 30, 2020

Real Physical Gold & Silver is real money. Always has been & likely always will be. Okay, for 5000 years, which is pretty much forever!
Today's episode dives into why every human should own 15-20% of their net worth in gold and silver that they hold. 

  • Why GLD and SLV are a scam.
  • Why the printing of fake cash by the...

Jun 20, 2020

Responding to one of the fans of FU, who asked why isn't it important to pay taxes to help people? I explain why taxes are a bad idea and why the government Doesn't want you to pay taxes and have written the code to do this very thing.

Mentors, the value of them in finding the questions to open you up to the answers....

Jun 13, 2020

Dave and Wendy join the show to discuss the fear that drives us to want to armor plate our lives. We talk about what's driving it and how to use armor smart and effectively and the alternatives to the moats and the walls and the shields.

How to set yourself free. 

Jun 6, 2020

What does a recruiter have to do with the Underdogs? People! 

Whether you're looking for amazing opportunities or looking for talent, two choices, do the work yourself or get help.

I was stupid for years doing the recruiting myself. Chelsea found me and everything changed. Having a rockstar recruiter is leverage.