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Financial Underdogs

Feb 29, 2020

How do we deal with a market meltdown, the uncertainty and the chaos of the black swan? Today we talk about how to deal with this and what to do next as well as the rational way to get ready for the next mess that's coming. 

Feb 22, 2020

Damion and David come to you live from Keystone, Colorado at Joe Fairless' Best Ever Conference, an epic collection of speakers, pros, investors and 646 participants. 

Face to Face is 1000X better than Facetime, the only way to build deep relationships. 

Come join us at some upcoming events in Dallas, Vegas and...

Feb 15, 2020

David joins Damion today for a discussion on the mindset and mistakes of the average investor, concerned about getting into a hot deal instead of planting seeds in their own education and ability.


Feb 9, 2020

What is a financial underdog? Unless you were born on 3rd base you get what it feels like to be an underdog. You're not flying on a private jet but sometimes dream of what it would be like to have those options.
We're going to talk about how we get there, fighting out way to that place, of freedom - financial freedom -...