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Financial Underdogs

May 12, 2021

Every person in your life is one of 3 people, a G N or P.

Growth - they inspire you and grow you

Neutral - they're from the past or just seem to be going on merry go rounds.

Pass - these are people who suck your energy and generally make you hit decline on you phone when they call.

Who are you spending time with? The...

May 5, 2021

DOGE coin is up 34% today, up 1000% in the last month. What is this craziness? Or is this just smart investors?
Today we talk about speculation and the printing press of money that's messing up pricing and has people chasing anything tangible and now even non-tangible like NFT's.
Then, what's one to do to not get killed...

Apr 29, 2021

Episode 100

Do you know what game you're playing? Or maybe you're the ball just being thrown around.

Rules? Coaches? How do you win?

How do you OWN the game - first figure out what game it is and then the rules and then become the Tom Brady of your game.


Apr 28, 2021

How much is enough? How do you know? 

Is it just a number or is it something else?

There's a combination of the PEEC life formula and the number but it's not the number you're given it's the number you create. 

Freedom is in the PEEC + Self Trust MAP Blueprint

Apr 27, 2021

The fine line of saying no even when you're super excited is the difference between success and nightmares. Today's program is about when to say no and what to do before you say yes.

When you can say yes without any due diligence (hint, it's a who)

The no's open space, the yeses will bury you if done wrong.